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Liz's Deranged Ramblings

sitting on the table for your voyeuristic pleasures...

Liz Reay
I'm Liz Reay.

I was Liz Croteau for 31 years. Well, actually, I was Beth Croteau for the first 12 years, then converted when I decided that Beth was a kid's name. (Because Liz is so very sophisticated... whatever, I was 12, puberty was warping my brain, and it was already really warped.) I'm bisexual, bipolar, nearsighted, short, mathematically challenged, and ADD. I'm also a writer, an editor (a couple short films, a couple scripts to be produced someday), an occasional actress, a metalsmith, and a machinema producer (http://queens-of-kings.blogspot.com). My interests are diverse and get more diverse every year. I'm wittier in text than in person, I prefer to listen than to talk most of the time (I stutter and have a slight synaptic delay due to the Vast Quantity of Chemistry Fun in my bloodstream), but I love hanging out with my friends, who keep me very busy and never short of stuff to write about. Adventure would have been my middle name if Mom hadn't preferred Jean.

I'm now married to a tall (seriously... he's a foot taller than I am!), not terribly dark, but very handsome gentleman/punk named Rob (Gramatan in LJ circles) who is my love, my confidante, my constant cheerleader, and, at times, my sanity. Said gentleman proposed to me in the wee hours of March 13, 2005, after a group birthday party (His is March 8) and a few drinks at Vertex. He turned a diehard bachelorette into Mrs. Elizabeth Reay, and I love it. :) Got married on November 12, 2005 at the Strasenburg Planetarium of the Rochester Museum and Science Center in Rochester NY. Kickass good time, too... there are pictures available in my Flickr account.

These days, I'm doing the housewife/machinema creator/metalsmith thing. It's fun.

That's the short version. The long version is the journal. Go read it. Shoo.
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